You are asked to set up a non-rebreathing anesthetic circuit for the next surgery case.

What kind of patient do you expect?

Zuku LIVE! Vet Tech Trivia Game!
-sponsored by the Association of Veterinary Educators (AVTE)

Friday, Oct 1, 8:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register in advance for this webinar:


Steven McLaughlin, DVM, MPH, DACVPM (aka: "Dr. Zuku") will host a live Veterinary Trivia Game sponsored by AVTE vet

Your sense of humor, brain, and loudest Hawaiian shirt
Leave at the Door:
Obnoxiousness, cut-throat attitude, your dignity

Trivia Questions On veterinary medicine and animal-related popular culture (Monty Python anyone? Simpsons?)
We pick topics that a first year student can enjoy and also some that will challenge a vet tech educator


Fabulous prizes, fame and glory for: Top score student Top score anyone

Fiddly rules and stuff


1. No outside help: No phone calls or web searches; Don't sneak in with the Merck Vet Manual or a professor emeritus in your lunchbox.


2. The Final Say: The trivia-master is the final arbiter of truth, beauty, fashion, justice and all questions. Rude folks will have their nostril hairs mocked.


3. Anyone can play, but prizes are only for vet tech educators and vet tech students (sorry DVMs...).

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