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Live Seminar: Key Sheep and Goat Presentations for NAVLE© and BCSE
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Sunday Feb. 28 at 10 am EST
Sunday Feb. 28 at 5 pm EST
webinar vet
Christine Navarre, DVM, MS, ACVIM (aka: "Dr. Zuku-Farm")
will cover
Key Sheep and Goat Presentations
to Know for NAVLE© and BCSE.

Urolithiasis-obstruction vs. urethral / bladder rupture
Pregnancy toxemia: who can be saved?
Skin: Orf vs. Caseous lymphadenitis
Neuro: CAE vs.Listeriosis vs. PEM

10 am EST = 3-4 pm in U.K. and 8:30 pm in India
5 pm EST = 2 pm in California, 10 pm in U.K and 9-12 am in Australia/NZ on Monday

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