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    Yes, you can log on from any machine. 
    If you have any problems with your account, just contact us by email, and we can set it up.
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    Sure. Just email us directly at support@zukureview.com

    The Zuku Review Guarantee: Paid subscribers who used the Zuku Review to prepare for their tests may be entitled to a free re-subscription if they do not pass.
    You must verify you did not pass the NAVLE®, BCSE, or PAVE QE by emailing a scanned copy of your results letter to Support@Zukureview.com.


    We will check your records to confirm that you made reasonable use of Zuku Review materials (i.e., you accessed >80% of the tests, both in study-mode and test-mode).
    If you meet these criteria, you will get access again for the same amount of time as you paid for initially. This is a one-time offer and is only valid for the next test window.


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    Yes, and you get a LOT of review out of one question.
    Multiple topics and images in ONE question!

    For example:


    To see more examples, check out the Question of the Day archive.
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    No. The Zuku Review prohibits sharing access to your account. The Zuku Review reserves the right to cancel a subscription if we suspect unauthorized use.
    If someone else accesses your account and takes your tests, it will affect your scores while concurrently using up your opportunities to take practice tests. You will not be able to accurately use the Progress Review features to track your performance.
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    There is no “best way” that works for everybody… but here are some thoughts to consider.
    Do what the big boys do: all the big test prep companies (i.e., Kaplan, Princeton Review) rely heavily on practice questions, summary notes, and in-person weekend review courses that focus not only on subject matter, but also on topics like “How adults learn” and  “Excelling at multiple-choice.”
    Take it one day at a time: get over the nagging feeling that to really study, you need hours and hours and the silence of the library. Most of you are seniors in vet school so hours of silence aren’t part of the program. 
    Do a Zuku Review “Question of the Day” every day and enjoy a classic cartoon from Dr. Robert M. Miller while you are at it.
    Each week sit down and do a Zuku Review practice test: scan some notes, diagnose a weak spot (say, neurology or pigs), and try to focus on three of the biggies. 
    (i.e., neonatal diarrheas in pigs, localizing spinal cord lesions, DDX vesicular diseases…just to name a few)
    For more on this, REGISTER FREE with the Zuku Review and go to the “Test Preparation Strategies” section.
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    Panic is not productive - try to put that aside. You made it this far, so you can make it through, NAVLE® too. Remember, it’s not how long you study, it’s how effectively you study.
    Here are 3 things you can do:
    1.  Tune up on your weak spots. (Poultry, anyone? Pigs? Reportables?)
    Break it down...
    There are only about 5 chicken diseases that matter. Ditto for pigs. So start there.
    2.  Remember Sutton’s Law:  “Go where the money is.”
    70-75% is passing on the NAVLE®, and ~ 80% of the questions are on dogs/cats and horses/cows. Each of these key species probably has a top 20 key conditions - so at least make sure you study those.
    (Milk fever, anyone? Diabetes mellitus? Neonatal diarrhea? Glaucoma?)
    3.   Focus on the top 5 points about any condition you do study (and forget the trivia) -  i.e.:
    • Presentation
    • DDx
    • Dx
    • RX
    • Prevention/control or if it is reportable
    Finally - simple but true - regular exercise can clear your head/psyche.
    For more on study strats, REGISTER FREE with the Zuku Review.
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  • Answer:
    There are more than 4000 questions in the Zuku Review and we add more every month.
    Each one puts images, Merck links, notes, and references at your fingertips to cover multiple topics in one question.
    You go through them once in study-mode (seeing explanations as you go) and then reinforce later in test-mode, with timed 60-question blocks (without answers), just like the NAVLE®.
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    The Zuku Review is for you if:
    ---You are a visual learner
    ---You prefer to cover several topics in one question and have direct links to the Merck Vet Manual online
    ---You want access to customized tests of "my missed questions"