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A seven-year old female spayed Border Collie is presented with two very goopy, gunk-covered eyes.

A Schirmer tear test reveals less than 10 mm/minute of wetting [N= 15mm or more/ minute].

The owner reports that the dog has been on "some kind of medicine" for the last ten  days, but it is not his dog, and he doesn't know what the medicine is.

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS) secondary to the drug is suspected.

Which one of the following drugs may be causing the KCS?

A - Amitraz
B - Trimethoprim-sulfa
C - Griseofulvin
D - Itraconazole
E - Prednisolone


Cartoon of the Day:

From "RMM: The Second Oldest Profession"
Courtesy of Robert M Miller, DVM
Copyright 2006, All rights reserved

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