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Two calves aged eight weeks are presented that are both down and extremely weak.

They are depressed and lying in pools of foul-smelling brown diarrhea with a small amount of blood.

One other calf died suddenly the night before with no signs at all.

They are found to be dehydrated, with rectal temperatures of 105.2 and 105.6 F (40.7 – 40.9 C)..[N=101.5-103.5F, N=37.8-39.7 C], respectively.

Based on the condition at the top of the differential diagnosis list, what is the treatment plan?

A - Immunize well and sick calves and adult cattle with MLV vaccine, antibiotics for sick calves
B - NSAIDS, antibiotics in feed and water
C - IV fluids, NSAIDS, fequent milk feeding, antibiotics if septic
D - Cull sick calves, disinfect feeding areas, prophylactic antibiotics and NSAIDs for well animals
E - Isolate sick calves, immunize, antibiotics, cull those that do not respond to treatment


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From "RMM: The Second Oldest Profession"
Courtesy of Robert M Miller, DVM
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