Sheep and Goat Basics: Restraint Preventive Care and Nursing

Part 1: Key Sheep & Goat Anatomy & Physiology
Part 2: History, Restraint & Physical Exam Basics
Part 3: Routine Sampling, Preventive Care
Part 4: Med Administration, Basic Euthanasia
Part 5: Common Sheep & Goat Problems for Vet Techs

Bovine Dueling DDX III: Clostridia, Mycobacteria, BVD & Mastitis

Part 1: Part 1: Clostridia-palooza
Part 2: Mycobacterial matchup - Johnes & TB
Part 3: Common but complicated - Bovine Virus Diarrhea
Part 4: Environmental vs contagious - Mastitis review

Equine Final Five

Part 1: Atrial fibrillation
Part 2: Equine gastric ulcers
Part 3: Esophageal obstruction
Part 4: Equine endocrine (EMS, PPID)
Part 5: Ophtho: Uveitis & corneal ulcers

Canine and Feline Neuro Part 3 Intracranial Dz and Epilepsy

Part 1: Brain Lesion Overview
Part 2: Idiopathic Epilepsy
Part 3: Canine Infectious Brain Dz
Part 4: Feline Infectious Brain Dz
Part 5: Rabies
Part 6: Intracranial Neoplasia
Part 7: Other Brain Neuro Dz
Part 8: Small Animal Brain Dz Review

Study Strategy

Part 1: Get in the ballpark: Strategic test-taking
Part 2: What are NAVLE® questions really like?
Part 3: Study smarter: Visual learning with cases
Part 4: When time is short: NAVLE® Study Strategy

Classic Board Exam Topics

Part 1: Strengthen Your Working Memory for Cases
Part 2: Ruminants: Four Key Diseases for Boards
Part 3: Pigs, Poultry and a Llama
Part 4: Horses: Four Key Diseases for Boards

Dog and Cat Nursing Basics Part I: Restraint, PE, Vaccs, Nutrition

Part 1: Canine Behavior Basics
Part 2: Feline Behavior Basics
Part 3: Restraint In The Clinic
Part 4: History-taking; Recognizing Critical Cases
Part 5: Head to Tail Physical Exam/strong>
Part 6: Nutrition Basics
Part 7: Preventive Med (Vaccs, Parasites)

Dog and Cat Nursing Basics Part II: Common Procedures, Nursing Case Presentations

Part 1: Blood Sampling
Part 2: Urine Sampling
Part 3: IV Catheter Placement and Maintenance
Part 4: Measuring Blood Pressure
Part 5: Electrocardiography
Part 6: Pulse Oximetry (Blood Oxygenation)
Part 7: Medical Nursing
Part 8: Five Key Presentations: Resp, Cardio, GI, Uro, Skin