Retaking NAVLE®? What Works, What Doesn't

Part 1: Retakes happen
Part 2: The Way Forward
Part 3: The Biggest Mistake: Timed test trouble
Part 4: The 2nd Biggest Mistake: Passive Notes
Part 5: Three Good NAVLE® Study Tools
Part 6: Every Little Bit Helps: 4 Steps to 425
Part 7: Strategic Guessing

Study Strategy

Part 1: Get in the Ballpark: Strategic Test-Taking
Part 2: What are NAVLE® Questions Really Like?
Part 3: Study Smarter: Visual Learning With Cases
Part 4: When Time is Short: NAVLE® Study Strategy

Classic Board Exam Topics

Part 1: Strengthen Your Working Memory for Cases
Part 2: Ruminants: Four Key Diseases for Boards
Part 3: Pigs, Poultry and a Llama
Part 4: Horses: Four Key Diseases for Boards
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