There is no “best way” that works for everybody… but here are some thoughts to consider.
Do what the big boys do: all the big test prep companies (i.e., Kaplan, Princeton Review) rely heavily on practice questions, summary notes, and in-person weekend review courses that focus not only on subject matter, but also on topics like “How adults learn” and  “Excelling at multiple-choice.”
Take it one day at a time: get over the nagging feeling that to really study, you need hours and hours and the silence of the library. Most of you are seniors in vet school so hours of silence aren’t part of the program. 
Do a Zuku Review “Question of the Day” every day and enjoy a classic cartoon from Dr. Robert M. Miller while you are at it.
Each week sit down and do a Zuku Review practice test: scan some notes, diagnose a weak spot (say, neurology or pigs), and try to focus on three of the biggies. 
(i.e., neonatal diarrheas in pigs, localizing spinal cord lesions, DDX vesicular diseases…just to name a few)
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