Panic is not productive - try to put that aside. You made it this far, so you can make it through, NAVLE® too. Remember, it’s not how long you study, it’s how effectively you study.
Here are 3 things you can do:
1.  Tune up on your weak spots. (Poultry, anyone? Pigs? Reportables?)
Break it down...
There are only about 5 chicken diseases that matter. Ditto for pigs. So start there.
2.  Remember Sutton’s Law:  “Go where the money is.”
70-75% is passing on the NAVLE®, and ~ 80% of the questions are on dogs/cats and horses/cows. Each of these key species probably has a top 20 key conditions - so at least make sure you study those.
(Milk fever, anyone? Diabetes mellitus? Neonatal diarrhea? Glaucoma?)
3.   Focus on the top 5 points about any condition you do study (and forget the trivia) -  i.e.:
  • Presentation
  • DDx
  • Dx
  • RX
  • Prevention/control or if it is reportable
Finally - simple but true - regular exercise can clear your head/psyche.
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