NAVLE Recommended Books

The ZukuReview™ of Books

Books you gotta have:

  1. Well organized  and   
  2. Highly useful in practice  
    (A little creativity/humor doesn’t hurt, either)

Cote's Clinical Veterinary Advisor-Dogs and Cats, 2nd edition

Just the facts you need to know to recognize and treat over 800 small animal conditions, from Abcessation to Zinc toxicity. The complete book is online, allowing you to access it and search from any computer, anywhere.

Cote’s strength is its' availability online, no-brainer alphabetic organization and nuts and bolts short summaries of presentment, DDx, Testing, Rx, and Follow-up 

Don’t leave vet school without it. If you are on a budget, we prefer Cote' over Pasquini's more visual Small Animal Clinics book (but both are excellent). 

Guide to Bovine Clinics 4th edition—Chris and Susan Pasquini

Guide to Equine Clinics 3rd edition—Chris and Susan Pasquini, Phil Woods

Tschauner's Guide to Small Animal  Clinics 3rd edition—Chris and Susan Pasquini

Generous, well-organized and creatively illustrated with cartoons of animals and conditions that stick in your memory. Soft bound and small enough to carry on the road, easy to use.

Whether you are going into small animal or large, these are books to own, period.

For folks getting ready for the BCSE or the PAVE QE exams, check out:

Clinical Textbook for Veterinary Technicians, 7th edition, McCurnin and Bassert 

Excellent. Well illustrated and written: 

Covers it all in one book- anesthesia, radiology, restraint, records, fluid calcs and pretty much anything else you will want.

Many pictures here to anchor ideas. This is the book you study from.

Anatomy of Domestic Animals   11th edition— Pasquini, Spurgeon and Pasquini

Sets the standard. In addition to all the anatomy drawings you would expect, they incorporate illustrations of clinical problems associated with the piece of anatomy being discussed on that page.

Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook, 7th edition, Donald C. Plumb

Comprehensive, compact, completely useful, every day. Organized alphabetically and easy to find what you need, FAST. The small soft bound version is portable (albeit still kinda thick…) Available in CD-ROM electronic version for you gadget lovers, and included online with VIN membership.

A practice tool that no vet should be without. 

Merck Veterinary Manual 10th edition

If you could only have one reference book for everything veterinary under the sun, from fish to frogs to cows to cats, Merck covers it.

Yes, the Merck is dense. Yes the text font is microscopic, and yes, and we all wish for  pictures….but…….  it’s the only book that has it all.

Even better, the entire Merck Veterinary Manual 9th edition  is available online for FREE .

And for fun:

RMM The Second Oldest Profession

A Mid-stream Collection

If you haven’t seen the hilarious cartoons of Robert M Miller, DVM, then your veterinary education has a serious fistula in