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-Over 4000 NAVLE® format questions. Have a look!
 Written by our editorial board of specialists
-1200 Image questions. See some!
 Pictures help concepts stick. Learn fast. Learn visually.
-Zuku answers link directly to Merck Vet Manual online! Check it out!
-Sample questions: 
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Distilled, visual, fast reviews
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Over 4000 NAVLE®-format questions

Written by our editorial board of specialists and educators
Continuously updated and referenced
Clear answers highlight key clinical facts and treatments
More practice questions than any other service!
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Zuku answers link directly to the Merck Vet Manual online

The only service with comprehensive, referenced
answers that link to the Merck Merck Vet Manual
online and other online resources
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Over 1200 image questions

Pictures help concepts stick
Learn fast, learn visually
250 New questions!
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Track improvement by species and specialty
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Timed tests to mimic the real thing

Mimic the experience of the actual boards
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More than 100 Zuku Visual FlashNotes™

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